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Chief Executive Office  - INDATEL, Overland Park, Kansas.  Find Complete Job listing HERE
Marketing Technician - West River Cooperative Telephone Company
has an opening for a Marketing Technician at their headquarters in Bison, SD. An Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or a related field is desired. Applicants should possess marketing experience with an electric utility, telecommunications company, or Cooperative and website design experience. They should also have the ability to conduct training seminars and promote the Cooperatives' services and member programs. This position will procure advertising space, prepare ads and scripts for the media, develop and coordinate various member meetings, including youth, consumer, and employee tours, and develop program outlines for area and annual meetings. This position will assist in the preparation and execution of the Cooperatives' annual meetings, gathering data and preparing reports to evaluate the effectiveness and value that the Cooperatives' programs and promotions offer to each of their respective memberships. They will also coordinate Cooperatives' activities at local county fairs, coordinate the Cooperatives' website content, and design and post on the Cooperatives' various social media platforms. A successful candidate should have excellent communication skills and the ability to organize work to meet deadlines.
This is a full-time position with good pay and fringe benefits. Interested persons should submit a letter of application, employment application (can be found at grandelectric.coop), and resume to Eric Kahler, General Manager, West River Cooperative Telephone Company, P.O. Box 39, Bison, SD  57620. West River Cooperative Telephone Company are equal-opportunity employers. The deadline for applying is the close of business on March 15, 2024.
The position requires a valid driver's license and infrequent, irregular hours, including overtime and occasional overnight travel.

NETWORK SPECIALIST - Valley Telecommunications, Located in Herried, Volga, SD or Remote Work Options.  Find Full Description HERE.