Active Membership
Companies eligible for Active Membership with the SDTA, include all companies, corporations, cooperatives organized under SDCL 47-15, or other entities which provide local exchange telecommunications services in the State of South Dakota exclusively or predominately through the use of their own facilities, and which provide such services to fewer than fifty thousand (50,000) access lines within the State.  Active Members must be “incumbent local exchange carriers” as defined under federal law.  Each Active Member shall have all rights provided by law, including specifically the right to elect one director per Active Member to serve on the governing Board of Directors, to vote at annual or special membership meetings, and to nominate its representatives for SDTA committee service.

If your company meets the above stated qualifications and would like to apply for Active Member status, please contact the SDTA office in Pierre at 605-224-7629 or by email at

Associate Membership
Your company/organization may wish to consider joining SDTA as an Associate Member if it is a (1) a supplier, manufacturer or consultant providing products or services which help to support rural telecommunications carriers that are part of the SDTA, or which support the broader rural telecommunications industry; or (2) an incumbent local exchange carriers providing local exchange telecommunications services to fewer than fifty thousand (50,000) access lines that operate primarily in a state or states adjacent to South Dakota and that provide local exchange telecommunications services to a limited number of South Dakota subscribers, within a local exchange area or areas that are multi-state and are only partially located in South Dakota.  With an Associate membership, your company is given numerous privileges, including:
  • Inclusion in the widely used SD Telecom Industry Directory;
  • Expanded exposure to South Dakota telcos via advertising opportunities in SDTA Directory and other SDTA publications; 
  • Speaking opportunities at SDTA events;
  • Member only invitations to attend and participate at these and other SDTA events as an exhibitor and/or sponsor -
    • Annual Meeting & Conference
    • Fall Plant & Technology Workshops – Vendor Showcase
    • Spring Technology Training (as scheduled)
    • Annual Supervisors Seminar
    • Office Professionals Workshops;
  • Networking and service opportunities through participation as a member of certain SDTA governing committees;
  • Members only access to this SDTA website; and
  • Complimentary copies of the SDTA Industry Directory and the SDTA statewide rural telecom service area map.
 Click here to complete a new or renewal associate member application online, or contact the SDTA office in Pierre at 605-224-7629 or by email at