SDTA Committees

SDTA organizational documents provide for both "Standing" and "Advisory" committees to assist the Association's Board of Directors and Staff.

SDTA "Standing Committees" include the: Executive Committee; Budget and Dues Committee; Annual Meeting Committee; Training and Safety Committee; Memorial Scholarship Committee; and the COTEL Committee.  Membership on any Standing Committee may include employees, directors or council persons representing members of the Association.  These Committees meet throughout the year, as needed, to assist the Board of Directors and Staff in defining goals and establishing objectives consistent with SDTA's purpose and in making decisions aimed at meeting SDTA's goals and administrative/operational needs.      

Advisory Committees include a Legislative Committee, and Industry Regulation Committee, and a Public Relations Committee.  The purposes of the Advisory Committees are to assist the Association Board of Directors and Staff on any organizational and administrative organizational issues that may be timely and pertinent, and to provide input related to future objectives and priorities of the Association.  These Committees generally meet once a year during the Annual Membership Meeting.  Membership on these committees may include employees as well as directors or council persons representing members of the Association.

If you are a representative of one of SDTA's member companies and have interested in serving on any of the above identified Committees, please contact the SDTA office.