Service Areas

The rural telecommunications carrier members of SDTA, as wireline facilities-based communications companies, provide reliable voice and high-speed broadband services within service areas covering more than 76 percent of South Dakota's geography (click this link for a service area map).  

As of December 31, 2017, more than three quarters of the customers located in SDTA member company service areas had access to broadband at 25 MB download/3 MB upload speeds or higher.  In addition, SDTA members and their affiliated company SDN Communications have deployed extensive fiber optic facilities throughout the state to connect many K-12 schools, libraries, county government locations, and public safety facilities. SDTA members and SDN Communications also play a key role in supporting wireless service, which depends on fiber optic lines to carry calls and data from cell towers through the switched network to their ultimate destination. 

Below is a complete listing of and links to each of the SDTA member rural carriers.